Classes of 1988, 1989, 1990 and faculty!

The reunion was a blast, but you know, we still weren't able to find a few people. So if you're still out there, or you have any clues, please let us know. The more we find now, the better chance we have to stay in touch and find for the next reunion!

If you are NOT missing, or you know how to find someone on this list, please click here.

Last updated 18 October 2009.

Missing Alumni

Alvarez, JuanClass of 90, NG
Anderson, SonyaClass of 90, NG
Antoine, AtellefinVisual Arts, Class of 90
Astorga, CharlesClass of 90
Barreto, JeffVisual Arts, Class of 89
Berrett, RobynDance, Class of 89
Bishop, DonnaTheater, Class of 88
Broom, MicheleTheater, Class of 88
Cabrera, AnaClass of 90, NG
Cabrera, RubenVisual Arts, Class of 89
Cagigas, MarioClass of 88
Caldwell, GeraldClass of 90
Cassamajor, JudeVisual Arts, Class of 90
Cinalli, AdrianaVisual Arts, Class of 88
Comfort, ElizabethMusic, Class of 88
Coppedge, AndrewVisual Arts, Class of 88
Depooter, SharaClass of 90, NG
(Diaz) Martinez, MichelleDance, Class of 90
Dominguez, ClaudiaVisual Arts, Class of 89
Fernandez, AngelTheater, Class of 88
Fleitas, CarlosVisual Arts, Class of 88
Fletcher, ArethaClass of 90, NG
Francis, YvetteVisual Arts, Class of 89
Garcia, CarolinaVisual Arts, Class of 89
Garcia, DianaMusic, Class of 88
Gil, RicardoMusic, Class of 88
Gillings, AndrewTheater, Class of 88
Giunta, MicheleClass of 89, NG
Giurtino, AnneVisual Arts, Class of 88
(Goldberg) Avalon, MichaelTheater, Class of 90
Golden, DjangoVisual Arts, Class of 89
Guerrero, DyvonMusic, Class of 88
Harris, JacobClass of 90, NG
Harris, WandaClass of 90, NG
Haycox, KarenClass of 90, NG
Headley, AudleyVisual Arts, Class of 89
Hejna, Cathy JoMusic, Class of 89
Hernandez, LuisClass of 90
(Hinkle) Bergan, AprilDance, Class of 88
Holder, ClarenceDance, Class of 90
Iglesias, IsabelClass of 90, NG
Jeffrey, JasonMusic, Class of 89
Jiminez, MelissaClass of 89, NG
Jimenez, MichaelMusic, Class of 88
Jones, HollyDance, Class of 89
Kern, DavidClass of 90, NG
Lambert, AmyClass of 90, NG
Landy, NicoleClass of 88
Leon, John PaulVisual Arts, Class of 90
Leyva, EnriqueTheater, Class of 88
Linares, LisetteTheater, Class of 88
Lores, RoneldVisual Arts, Class of 89
Lunsford, ErikkaClass of 88
(Lux) Back, BarbaraMusic, Class of 90
Mark, KimberleeClass of 90
(Marshall) Millien, MaxineVisual Arts, Class of 88
Marsilli, RamcesClass of 90
Masry, StevenVisual Arts, Class of 88
McCartney, WilliamClass of 90, NG
Mendoza, MarleneMusic, Class of 88
Miller, LarryTheater, Class of 89
Millien, JudeVisual Arts, Class of 88
Mills, AletheaClass of 90, NG
Millwood, GarthClass of 90, NG
Mongo, HaroldClass of 90, NG
Moss, JasonClass of 90, NG
Moss, ThomasClass of 90, NG
Moxie, TyroneVisual Arts, Class of 88
Nield-Capote, ChristineMusic, Faculty, 1989-90
Orr, Scott1988
Ortega, HernanClass of 88
Ortiz, Aimee1988
Pader, OlgaVisual Arts, Class of 88
Paraskeeva, Dean1988
Peral, LuisDance, Class of 88
Perez, Enrique "Rick"Class of 89, NG
Perez, NadineMusical Theater, Class of 88
Perez, SolangeClass of 90, NG
Perks, CarterClass of 90, NG
Perlin, BeckyClass of 90, NG
Phanitdasack, LithVisual Arts, Class of 88
Phillips, BrendonVisual Arts, Class of 89
Pilgrim, Shane1988
Pitliuk, StephenVisual Arts, Class of 88
Polan, RockyClass of 90, NG
Powery, MoniqueMusic, Class of 88
Radkiewicz, KimberlyVisual Arts, Class of 88
Rangel, MichelleClass of 90, NG
Reams, RobertVisual Arts, Class of 88
Reyes, GabrielaVisual Arts, Class of 88
Reyes, MelissaClass of 89, NG
Rincon, AntonioClass of 89, NG
Ritchie, Arnetra1988
Rodriguez, RaulClass of 90, NG
Rubinson, KimClass of 89, NG
Salem, GwendolynTheater, Class of 88
(Sarmiento) Bujarski, Lourdes "Luli"Music, Class of 88
(Schwartz) Ganz, LaraDance, Class of 90
Scott, JessicaMusic, Class of 90
Serna, SylviaVisual Arts Secretary, 1988
Seth, GordonCollege
Simunek, DeanClass of 90
Skalet, (Christopher) KristoffVisual Arts, Class of 89
Smith, GordanClass of 89, NG
Smith, LatishaClass of 89, NG
Smith, ReginaMusic, Class of 88
Smith, StephanieDance, Class of 90
Stone, BethClass of 89, NG
Summers, LeahMusic, Class of 88
Taylor, CharlesVisual Arts, Class of 89
Tezanos, LizetteClass of 90, NG
Thompkins, Deron1988
Trinh, DungVisual Arts, Class of 88
Trotter, JamesClass of 90, NG
Tyndale, PeteVisual Arts, Class of 89
Ullman, Manon1988
Valdes, ElizabethClass of 89, NG
Valdes, IreneMusic, Class of 90
Vazquez, YolandaTheater, Class of 88
Walker, AlexVisual Arts, Class of 88
Walker, FloydClass of 90
Webster, Ana "Christy"Visual Arts, Class of 90
Weiss-Marino, AnthonyMusic, Class of 89
Whipple, BarryMusic, Class of 88
Wilson, BarbaraVisual Arts, Class of 88
Young, MichaelVisual Arts, Class of 88

Missing Faculty and Staff can be found below.

Found Alumni

Acosta, Anthony "Tony"Visual Arts, Class of 88
Acosta-Sandaal, LinaDance, Class of 90
(Aedo) Temple, RaquelDance, Class of 89
Ales, AngelaVisual Arts, Class of 89
(Allen) Hart, MichelleTheater, Class of 89, NG
Alston, KeithVisual Arts, Class of 89
Alvarez, Leonardo "Leo"Dance, Class of 90
Alvarez, VictorMusic, Faculty
Andrew, Ernest ArmaniMusic, Class of 90, NG
Angry, RaymondMusic, Class of 90
Aranaga, (Gregory) GoyoMusic, Class of 88
Aranha-Anders, BarbaraGuidance Counselor, Faculty
Armenteros-Lopez, SuzetteVisual Arts, Class of 90
Arroyo, ChristineTheater, Faculty
Arthur, DramaTheater, Class of 89
Athouris, CairnsVisual Arts, Class of 90
Baerga, Dulce "Candy"Class of 90, NG
(Baker) Muller, JeffreyMusic, Class of 90, NG
(Bank) Sandler, BrookMusic, Class of 89
(Bardales) DeLaurentos, BrigitteMusic, Class of 90
Barfield, WendyDance, Class of 90
Barjoud, ClaudetteVisual Arts, Class of 90
Bash, MarcieMusical Theater, Class of 88
Batman, ChrisTheater, Class of 89
Battle, RobertDance, Class of 90
Belin, MarkVisual Arts, Class of 90
Belkind, ElizabethDance, Class of 90
Bellinger, BernardTheater, Class of 89, NG
(Bellino) Kaczkowski, DebraTheater, Class of 88
(Berg) Hager, ErinTheater, Class of 90
Bergman, ChrisDance, Class of 89
Bien-Aime, Jean-ClaudeVisual Arts, Class of 89
Blaustein, MargaretClass of 90
Bonday, KaraMusic, Class of 89
Bowker, Tom
Bratcher, FreddickDance, Faculty
(Breder) Mazzella, ChristinaDance, Class of 90
Brew, CriseydeDance, Class of 90
Britton, MaxwellVisual Arts, Class of 90
Brown, ChrisTheater, Class of 89
Brown, ElleryScience/Principal, Faculty
(Brown-Bowen) de la Fuente, MelissaMusical Theater, Class of 88
(Brownlee) Diorio, ElizabethMusical Theater, Class of 90
Broze, Daniel "Danny"Theater, Class of 89
(Burke) Harrell, TrevaMusical Theater, Class of 88
Burns, AndreaTheater, Class of 89
(Bushell) Grigor, ReneeTheater, Class of 88
Bustos, AldrinVisual Arts, Class of 90
Bustos, FrancisMusic, Class of 88
Cadet, Emmanuel "Mani"Music, Class of 89
Caiza, Antonio "Tony"Visual Arts, Class of 88
Calero, DennisVisual Arts, Class of 89
Callahan, BonnieMusical Theater, Class of 88
Camilleri-Johnn, CandiceTheater, Class of 89, NG
Campa, VictorVisual Arts, Class of 90
Cano, PabloVisual Arts, Faculty, 1988-90
Caputo, StephanieMusic, Class of 88
Cardona, MadelaineMusic, Class of 89
Carias-Laus, ClaudiaVisual Arts, Class of 89, NG
Chang, BernardVisual Arts, Class of 90
Checa (Lopez), MariaVisual Arts, Class of 88
(Chesnoff) Lessne, DahliaTheater, Class of 90
Christie, KatieTheater, Class of 89
Clarke, LatashaTheater, Class of 90
Clarke, SheilaSocial Studies, Faculty
(Clayton) Gaines, LakitsiaTheater, Class of 90
Clements, GraceTheater, Class of 90
(Codallo) Hill, CarlaTheater, Class of 90
Cofield, CarlTheater, Class of 88
Cohen, Andrew "Andy"Music, Class of 90
Cook, JamesTheater, Class of 88
(Crespo) Guzman, ChristineVisual Arts, Class of 90
(Crittenden) Ogburn, HeatherMusic, Class of 89
Crowe, AngelaTheater, Class of 89
Cruz, PeggyVisual Arts, Class of 88
Cruz, TonyMusic, Class of 89
(Cruzata) Bedgood, BarbaraTheater, Class of 88
Cutler, SeanTheater, Class of 89
Danches, GussieVisual Arts, Class of 88
Daniluk, LaurenDance, Class of 89
Dates, MichaelTheater, Class of 88
Davis, EllenTheater, Faculty
De Joseph, ChantalVisual Arts, Class of 89
de la Portilla, Rafael "Ralph"Musical Theater, Class of 90
De La Rosa, VictorMusic, Class of 90
De La Vega, ErickVisual Arts, Class of 89
de Vengoechea, RicardoTheater, Class of 90, NG
Dean, KoreyMusic, Class of 89
Denis, RichardMusic, Class of 90, NG
Dennis, RonaldMusic, Class of 89
Depena, IvanVisual Arts, Class of 90
(Diaz) Zubieta, AnaDance, Class of 89
Diaz-Granados, RichardVisual Arts, Class of 89
(Doan) Kirn, LoisPhysical Education, Faculty
Dodge, Ralph "Web"Dance, Class of 89
Dominguez, JoseTheater, Class of 88
Dorn, TobyVisual Arts, Class of 90
(Du Fresne) Schulweis, BrennanClass of 90, NG
(Durden) Mediavilla, MaiaTheater, Class of 88
Dyas, J.B.Music, Faculty, 1989-90
Elam, LelaTheater, Class of 89
Emmett, RandyTheater, Class of 89
(Eskolin) Vignau, RebeccaMusic, Class of 90
Espinosa, SilviaVisual Arts, Class of 88
Estevill, DayamiMusic, Class of 89
Etienne, RichardVisual Arts, Class of 90
(Ewing) Weaver, JenniferTheater, Class of 89
Fabregat, AlexanderTheater, Class of 89
Fabregat, ErikTheater, Class of 89, NG
Farvet, MichaelMusic, Class of 90
Faxas, EileenMusical Theater, Class of 88
Feldstein, Banai LynnMusic, Class of 90
Felton, CynthiaMusical Theater, Class of 88
Ferguson, OsbourneVisual Arts, Class of 90
(Ferreyra) Vidal, CynthiaMusic, Class of 90
Fertil, CavinTheater, Class of 90
Finkle, KennyTheater, Class of 89
Finneran, Kathleen "Katie"Theater, Class of 89
Fleming, HelenClass of 90, NG
Font, HaymaraClass of 90, NG
Forecki, TaraMusic, Class of 89
Forte, PatriciaMath, Faculty
Franz, StevenMusic, Class of 88
Galvin, AnthonyMusic, Class of 90
(Fuller) Gartner, MelissaMusical Theater, Class of 88
Garciga, RoxannaClass of 89, NG
Gaunt, BrianTheater, Class of 90
Gayle, RudolphVisual Arts, Class of 90
George, RobyMusic, Faculty
Georges, PierreVisual Arts, Class of 89, NG
Georgini, GinaDance, Class of 90
Godwin, MauriceVisual Arts, Class of 89
(Goggins) Shay, DesireeDance, Class of 90
(Goldberg) Yoffe, AmyVisual Arts, Class of 89
(Golden) Rosenthal, Jill AllysonDance, Class of 88
Gomez de Ortega, Alejandro "Alex"Theater, Class of 90
Gonzalez, DanielVisual Arts, Class of 89
Gonzalez, JorgeClass of 90
Gordon, SimoneTheater, Class of 89
(Gorman) Keenan, HeatherDance, Class of 90
Grant, TraciTheater, Class of 89
(Grose) Dunham, BlaineTheater, Class of 90
Guevara, ZabrynaTheater, Class of 89
Guillen, DavidClass of 89, NG
(Gutierrez) Elliott, ReglaMusic, Class of 89
Guzman, OctavioVisual Arts, Class of 90
Hallman, MichelleMusical Theater, Class of 88
(Ham) Caiza, KimberlyVisual Arts, Class of 88
Hampton, RochelleTheater, Class of 90
Hamre, BrittTheater, Class of 89
Hanson, MarkComputers, Faculty
Harrell, L.C.Theater, Class of 88
Harris, HarlinVisual Arts, Class of 90
Hart, CareyTheater, Class of 88
Hendrickson, LeeMusic, Class of 90, NG
(Hepburn) Mitchell, KaysheilaTheater, Class of 88
Hernandez, Alejandro "Alex"Theater, Class of 90
Hernandez, HenryMusic, Class of 88
Higgs, SamuelDance, Class of 88
Hogan, LauriDance, Class of 89
Humphreys, SimeonTheater, Class of 89, NG
Hunter, BenjaminTheater, Class of 90
Hunter, JimVisual Arts, Faculty
Infante, RudolphMusic, Class of 90, NG
Jackson, RodneyVisual Arts, Class of 90
Janaro, Dr. RichardDean of Theater
Jane, DulceDance, Class of 90
(Janke) McCoy, JenniferMusic, Class of 89
(Jarnigan) Stypulkoski, SharonMusic, Class of 88
Jean-Louis, FranzieMusic, Class of 89
(Jean-Pierre) Bourne, PascaleTheater, Class of 90
Johnson, DwayneDance, Class of 90
(Johnson) Ringsmuth, JamieTheater, Class of 88
(Josephs) Beckles, KarenMusical Theater, Class of 88
Karp, HowardMusic, Class of 89
Kelly, BrettTheater, Class of 89
(Kelly) Mulens, LauraDance, Class of 88
Kirsner, ScottMusic, Class of 89
(Klein) Sunshine, JennieMusic, Class of 89
Klein, RichardProvost, Faculty
(Knowles) Gainer, ElizabethTheater, Class of 90
(Koch) Wolfe, LisaMusic, Class of 89
Kreisberg, JonathanMusic, Class of 90
(Kronowitz) Falkowitz, TracyMusic, Class of 89
Kwiat, DavidTheater, Faculty
(Langer) Schwartz, AmyTheater, Class of 89
Larsen, RobinTheater, Class of 89
Lasher, Veronica "Dolly"Music, Class of 89
Lavandera, ReneTheater, Class of 88
Lavandera, ReynelClass of 90, NG
Ledesma, CarmenForeign Languages, Faculty
Leone, DeborahEnglish, Faculty
Lerner, Jonathan "Nachum"Music, Class of 89
Levine, ShaneVisual Arts, Class of 89, NG
Levy, EliahMusic, Class of 88
Lewis, DanielDean of Dance, Faculty
(Littman) Zapata, NaomiTheater, Class of 88
Lopez, JavierVisual Arts, Class of 90
Lopez, HumbertoVisual Arts, Class of 90
Lopez, Patrick "Chico"Music, Class of 89, NG
Lopez-Mata, MichaelTheater, Class of 89
(Lorenzo) Saud, Barbara "Barby"Dance, Class of 90
Lutgens, KarlMusic, Class of 88
Lyon, Richard "Rick"Visual Arts, Class of 90
(Maack) Stedman, MaryMusic, Class of 88
Machado, OrlandoMusic, Class of 89, NG
Maldonado, JeffreyMusic, Class of 88
Mangione, JaimyMusic, Class of 88
Manning, KevinMusical Theater, College
(Marquez) Kovens, GraceDance, Class of 88
(Martinez) Okuma, GriselMusical Theater, Class of 89, NG
Martinez, MiguelClass of 89, NG
Mattox, JasmineMusic, Class of 88
(Mazarin) Persaud, LyndereMusical Theater, Class of 90
McFlicker, DeanMusical Theater, Class of 89, NG
McIntyre, MoniqueDance, Class of 88
(McLean) Stadelmeyer, JenniferMusic, Class of 88
(McLean) Bennett, JulieMusic, Class of 90
(Mendoza) Byerman, AlexandraDance, Class of 89
Merida, AdrianaMusical Theater, Class of 90, NG
Merkle, JannaMusic, Class of 90
Michel, GeorginaMusic, Class of 90
Middendorf, TracyTheater, Class of 88
(Miller) Rushing, AngelaVisual Arts, Class of 89
Miller, MelodyTheater, Class of 89
Miranda, MartaLanguages, Faculty
Mitchell, LavoniaTheater, Class of 90
Monsreal, MarioMusic, Class of 89
Montes de Oca, GonzaloVisual Arts, Class of 90
Montesino, EfrainVisual Arts, Class of 89
(Montiel) Vazquez, RuthTheater, Class of 88
Moreman, DarrinMusic, Class of 90, NG
(Mucci) Soler, DeborahMusical Theater, Class of 89
Muchnick, DavidMusic, Class of 90
Muhammad, ErikaTheater, Class of 90
(Mulcahy) DiNota, ShannonDance, Class of 89
Mulet, OnelMusic, Class of 89
Multz, ArleneExceptional Education, Faculty
Murawka, MariaMusic, Class of 89
Murphy, LaraDance, Class of 89
Myers, RoryVisual Arts, Class of 88
(Narganes) Diez, DianaTheater, Class of 89
Navarro, EduardoMath, Faculty
Nelson, Maia RaeVisual Arts, Class of 90
(Nicado) Abrams, YolandaTheater, Class of 88
Nieves, KennethMusic, Class of 88
Nunez, JacintoMusic, Class of 89
O'Brien, ShawnClass of 90, NG
O'Connell, PatrickMusical Theater, College
(Odriozola) Sanz de Acedo, GemmaMusic, Class of 88
Offerle, MandyPrincipal
Oppriecht, KennethClass of 90, NG
Orazi, LuisVisual Arts, Class of 88
Ortiz, FrancesDance, Class of 90
Ortiz, GinnaDance, Class of 90
Osterberger, KimDance, Class of 90
Pacetti, ChristopherVisual Arts, Class of 90
Pacetti, R. MatthewVisual Arts, Class of 88
(Pacino) Sanguinetti, EvelynMusic, Class of 89
Padgett, PaulMath, Faculty
Parra, SharonTheater, Class of 90
(Perdue) Wong, HollyVisual Arts, Class of 89
Peremenis, ChristaDance, Class of 88
(Perez) Catoggio, MoniqueDance, Class of 90, NG
Perez, JesusVisual Arts, Class of 88
Pinera, DeniseDance, Class of 90, NG
Pire, FelixTheater, Class of 89
Plaza, RafaelTheater, Class of 88
(Pomeranz) Yannaco, JulieTheater, Class of 90
Potter, ColinTheater, Class of 89
(Pressley) Thomas, JenniferVisual Arts, Class of 90
Prieto, ArleneSocial Studies, Faculty
(Pringle) Marksbury, KristinTheater, Class of 88
(Quartin) Nowatski, DeborahTheater, Class of 88
Ramirez, JesusMusic, Class of 90, NG
Rampy, DavidMusic, Faculty
Rayman, JasonTheater, Class of 90
Reinert, SeanMusic, Class of 89
Remis, RalphEnglish, Faculty
Renaurt, ReneeDance, Class of 89
Reynolds, AnthonyVisual Arts, Class of 89
Richter, ChadClass of 91
(Rico) Steffann, LaurenMusic, Class of 88
Rito, LynnBusiness, Faculty
Ritter, ChristopherVisual Arts, Class of 90
(Rivera) Pleasant, MichelleMusic, Class of 90
Robinson, DerrickTheater, Class of 90
Rodriguez, ArturoVisual Arts, Class of 90
(Rodriguez) Rogers, KristinaTheater, Class of 89
Rodriguez, SantosMusic, Class of 90
(Rogers) Machado, AmyDance, Class of 88
Rogers, DesireeTheater, Class of 90, NG
Roque, Ernest "Ernie"Visual Arts, Class of 90
Rosales, Pedro "Pete"Music, Class of 89
(Roseman) Levine, GayleDance, Class of 90
Rosen, ToddTheater, Class of 88
(Rosenberg) Rouviere, JodiTheater, Class of 89, NG
Salancy, FredTheater, Faculty, 1987-1991
Salmon, Antoinette "Toni"Theater, Class of 88
(Samole) Zisk, ShoshanaMusic, Class of 89
(Sanchez) Garcia, DianaMusic, Class of 88
Sanchez, DiegoMusic, Class of 90
Sandoval, BryanMusic, Class of 90
Sastre Suoto, ShirleyDance, Class of 90
Schellin, NathanielMusic, Class of 90
Schlesser, CourtneyMusical Theater, Class of 88
Schmolesky, ScottTheater, Class of 88
Schwartz, DavidTheater, Class of 89
Scully, StephenMusic, Class of 90
Seidenman, SylvanGuidance Counselor, Faculty
(Seidler) Roberts, Sheila "Janice"Theater, Class of 88
(Sejour) Gibson, LindaTheater, Class of 89
Serventi, Giuseppe "Pepe"Musical Theater, Class of 88
Severin, DavidTheater, Class of 90
(Shank) Horan, MichelleTheater, Class of 88
Shaw, JohnMath, Faculty
Shelfer, ScottTheater, Class of 89, NG
Shelley, JasonMusic, Class of 89
Shropshire, StevenTheater, Class of 90
Silva, ErickVisual Arts, Class of 89
(Sirota) Castellano, TamaraMusical Theater, Class of 88
(Solomon) Everett, CorrieMusic, Class of 89
Spill, TristanVisual Arts, Class of 90
Stenson, BradleyVisual Arts, Class of 90
Story, KristinMusic, Class of 89
Sturgulewski, MichaelScience, Faculty
Suarez, AnibalVisual Arts, Class of 90
Suarez, AnthonyMusic, Class of 88
Taracido, CarlosSpanish, Faculty
Tavss, JonathanTheater, Class of 88
Teboe, DanaMusic, Faculty
Teitler, JeffreyTheater, Class of 88
Thompson, GleviaMusic, Class of 88
Thompson, JessicaMusical Theater, Class of 89, NG
(Todd) Olivier, SarahTheater, Class of 90
Tralins, KeithTheater, Class of 89
Troner, AmyTheater, Class of 90
Tucker, GailScience, Faculty
Underhill, TracyTheater, Faculty
Van Arsdel, HeatherCollege
Vazquez, Victoria "Tory"Theater, Class of 90
(Vega) Howard, EmilyMusic, Class of 88
Velilla, AngelaClass of 89, NG
Vizzi, JaneVisual Arts/Theater, Class of 90
(Weiner) Raviv, DeborahDance, Class of 89
Whitfield, OrsonMusic, Class of 89
Wilchcombe, TinitaMusic, Class of 89
Williams, GregMusic, Class of 89
(Williams) Larch, JenniferTheater, Class of 90
Williams, StevenTheater, Class of 88
(Wilson) Koury, CarisaMusic, Class of 90
(Wilson, Michael) Wilson MichaelsTheater, Class of 88
Wood, ChristopherMusic, Class of 89
Wyroba, TomVisual Arts, Faculty
Yepes, LawrenceVisual Arts, Class of 88
Yepes, MichaelMusic, Class of 89
(Yocum) Christenson, Virginia "Ginny"Dance, Class of 88
Zience, Lawrence "Larry"Theater, Class of 89
Zoeller, Kristina "Tina"Dance, Class of 89
Zucker, ArleneEnglish, Faculty
(Zur) Biron, KarenDance, Class of 90
de Lancie, John (deceased)Dean of Music
Fines, Roxanne (deceased)Theater, Faculty
Gregoire, Randall (deceased)
Griffin, William (deceased)Music, Class of 88
Love, Ed (deceased)Dean of Visual Arts
Prenat, Rossana (deceased)Theater, Class of 88
Ross, Jerry (deceased)Theater, Faculty
Segovia, Rosita (deceased)Dance, Faculty, 1988-90
Strachan, Deborah (deceased)Class of 90
Suarez, Nestor (deceased)Social Studies, Faculty
Wimmers, Howard (deceased)Social Studies, Faculty

Missing Faculty and Staff

Adams, TimMusic, Faculty, 1988
Alfonzo, CarlosVisual Arts, Faculty, 1990
Altshuler, ThelmaTheater, Faculty, 1989
Angelus, AnneSecretary to Provost
Argain, MariaCollege Advisor, 1989
Ataie, Mary LeeVisual Arts Faculty, 1989-90
Ataie, ShahyeyarVisual Arts Faculty, 1989-90
Avalo, EvelynSecretary
Azcui, CariMusic, Faculty
Banks, DianeVisual Arts, Faculty, 1989
Banks, SusanVisual Arts, Faculty, 1990
Bowens, KabuyaVisual Arts, Faculty, 1989
Bustamante, RachelSecretary to Principal
Cadby, CarolTheater, Faculty, 1990
Capewell, CynthiaTheater, Faculty, 1990
Capote, ManuelFaculty, 1988
Carrington, JaneDance, Faculty
Catansaro, TonyDance, Faculty, 1989
Charlton, LindaMusic, Theater, Faculty, 1990
Cohen, MosesDance, Faculty, 1990
Coleman, LeeFaculty, 1990
Comejo, IsabelFaculty, 1990
Conner, CharleneMusic, Faculty, 1988
Conner, CharlesMusic, Faculty, 1989
Constance, LarryFaculty, 1988
Conway, JanetClass of 88
Cook, CherylScience, Faculty
Cooper, FrankMusic, Faculty
Cresswell, GeoffreyTheater, Faculty
Daniel De Acha, KimberlyTheater, Faculty, 1990
Dawson, WilliamMusic, Faculty
Degooyer, SueMusic, Faculty
Del Rio, EddyMusic, Faculty, 1990
Diaz-Bolton, CarmenVisual Arts, Faculty, 1990
Diliddo, MichaelMusic, Faculty, 1989
Dornier-Sorscek, StephanieMusic, Faculty, 1988-90
Dubbin, HeleneCap Advisor, Faculty, 1989
Ebitz, GerardMusic, Faculty, 1989-90
Edvaldsdottir, SigrumDance, Theater, Faculty, 1989-90
Englander, HollyFaculty, 1990
Erwin, PeggyMusic, Faculty, 1988-90
Evans, GloriaAssistant Principal
Fernandez, AntonioVisual Arts, Faculty
Fernandez, NorysTheater, Faculty
Flor-Dufau, BeatrizSecretary, 1989-90
Friedman, LisaTheater, Faculty, 1990
Fyfe, SheilaDirector of Development, 1989-90
Gackle, LynneMusic, Faculty
Gallup, ElaineTreasurer
Gold, CynthiaTheater, Faculty, 1989
Gonzalez, JoseDance, Faculty, 1989-90
Gonzalez, TonyChief of Security, 1988
Gonzalez, VictoriaMusic, Faculty, 1989
Good, RhodaRegistrar
Graham, TimothyTheater, Faculty, 1988-89
Guerra, JorgeDean of Theater
Gumbel, RobertaMusic, Faculty, 1990
Hammer, DavidMusic, Faculty, 1990
Hanrock, RichardMusic, Faculty, 1989
Hiatt, KevinMusic, Faculty, 1990
Hill, MarkMusic, Faculty
Holst, EricVisual Arts, Faculty, 1989-90
Houlihan, GerriDance, Faculty, 1989-90
Houston, YvonneDance, Secretary, 1988
James, Bruce Clayton "Clay"Theater, Faculty
Janson, GlenMusic, Faculty, 1989-90
Joyce, JenniferTheater, Faculty, 1990
Kennedy, CatherineEnglish, Faculty
Kiplinger, ElizabethMusic, Faculty, 1989
Kivitt, TedDance, Faculty
Kozarin, VadimMusic, Faculty, 1989-90
Lester, JanetClerk, Faculty
Levy, CarolVisual Arts, Faculty, 1990
Manley, PatrickTheater, Faculty
Martinez, JuanVisual Arts, Faculty, 1990
Meza, AlbertoVisual Arts, Faculty, 1990
Mills, CharlesVisual Arts, Faculty
Misset, Jean ClaudeMusic, Faculty, 1989
Murry, Jodi
Nakahima, RiekoMusic, Faculty, 1989
Navarro, KarylMusic, Faculty, 1990
Neuman, LarryMusic, Faculty, 1990
Newman, JudithDance, Faculty
Newton, RuthTheater, Faculty
Noble, AndrewTheater, Faculty, 1990
O'Rourke, MaureenDance, Faculty, 1989-90
Papino, RobertaEnglish, Faculty
Parra, MarianoDance, Faculty, 1988-90
Pelton, MargaretVice Provost
Pickard, CarolynEnglish, Faculty
Pickrell, PiperTheater, Faculty, 1990
Pierson, CelesteVisual Arts, Faculty, 1988, 1990
Pilar, NoblezaMusic, Faculty
Quintero, RitaMusical Theater, Faculty
Ramage, JeanetteVisual Arts, Faculty, 1990
Ramirez, HumbertoVisual Arts, Faculty, 1988-90
Rankin, RosemarySecretary
Rayo, JanetClerk, Faculty
Refojo, SylviaVisual Arts, Faculty, 1989
Robins, TomTheater, Faculty, 1990
Robinson, CathyMusic, Faculty, 1989-90
Robinson, KeithMusic, Faculty, 1989-90
Robinson, Kimberlee
Romeo, LouiseVisual Arts, Faculty
Rosynski, EdwardTheater, Faculty, 1990
Ryman, ChesneMusic, Faculty, 1990
Salkov, DeborahDance, Faculty
Salz, SimonMusic, Faculty, 1988-89
Sanchez, RamonForeign Languages, Faculty
Sarmiento, MarcyStudent Affairs, Faculty
Savage, JudyTeacher's Aid, 1989-90
Scarlato, MichaelMusic, Faculty
Schatz, ElinoreReading Specialist, 1988
Seidel, AndreaDance, Faculty, 1988-90
Serna, SylviaVisual Arts Secretary, 1988
Shelly, Paula WayneTheater, Faculty, 1990
Sholes, RuthTheater, Faculty, 1990
Shouldice, HarrietReading Specialist, 1989-90
Silverberg, LarryTheater, Faculty
Sklavounos, RebeccaMusic, Faculty, 1989
Skolnick, JanetMusic, Faculty
Smith, StevenMusic, Faculty
Sorscek, GregFaculty, 1988
Stepanov, GalinaDance, Faculty, 1989-90
Stevens, RobertFaculty, 1990
Stipetic, ScottTheater, Faculty, 1990
Switzer, HarryTheater, Faculty, 1989-90
Tamayo, PeterTheater, Faculty
Tamir, RuthTheater, Faculty, 1989
Thevenot, HelenaDance, Faculty, 1989-90
Thompson, OmarVisual Arts, Faculty
Tinsly, Alejandro1990
Torres, ManuelVisual Arts, Faculty, 1990
Traficante, ValerieMusic, Faculty, 1990
Valdimarsdottir, AsdisMusic Faculty, 1989
Van Der Beek, MaximusDance, Faculty, 1989-90
Vodicka, SusanPublic Affairs
Wallesh, SidneyBusiness Relations
Webster, PeterMusic, Faculty, 1989-90
Weech, JudiEnglish, Faculty
Weiss, AlanPrincipal
Whitaker, NancyTheater, Faculty
Wolcott, NancyFaculty, 1990
Young, RussellMusic, Faculty, 1989
Zegler, ManuelMusic, Faculty, 1988-90
Zimmerman, SteveFaculty, 1988

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