About Great Bird Enterprises

Great Bird Enterprises is owned and operated by Banai Lynn Feldstein (rhymes with Renee), a native Floridian who graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science in December 1996.

Banai first became interested in computers in the sixth grade when she learned to program in Basic on an Atari 800 computer. She quickly learned to use whichever personal computer her father brought home. Although most of her high school study was focused on music, she rediscovered her love of programming in a senior high school computer class, using the Macintosh.

In college, Banai majored in Computer Science, with an interest in Programming and Artificial Intelligence. She taught herself web site design and development during this time.

Inspired by a friend and colleague who happened across her web site, telling her that she could design web sites “in her sleep”, she finally realized what direction her career would take. Banai founded Great Bird Enterprises while still in college and has been programming web sites ever since.

After a few relocations, Banai has settled in Salt Lake City, Utah, to expand her business… and her genealogy research.